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The Cycles of BALM – What Makes Principle 12 So Special?

BALM | August 21, 2017

Each Wednesday evening for the past 3 years, we have studied one of the 12 Principles of BALM® as a community. Then, this past January, we added the study of one principle each month, looking at different aspects of the month’s principle during each week.

This week, we are looking at the 12th principle in our Wednesday evening class. This culminating principle states that Be A Loving Mirror is the Journey and the Destination. What we mean by that is that BALM® (to Be A Loving Mirror) is not only our behavioral goal as family members, it is also the way in which we travel moment by moment on the recovery path alongside our loved ones.

To celebrate this understanding, every twelve weeks on Wednesday evenings, and every 12th month on Monday afternoons, we invite BALMers who have integrated BALM® principles and steps into their lifestyle and relationships, to share their journey with us.

We ask questions like: How did you come to the BALM®? How has it helped you? What impact has it had on your loved one and other family members? How has it affected your relationships at work and in your home community?

The guests we interview range from parents of struggling loved ones to Executive Directors of BALM® treatment centers. They often report a certain skepticism upon beginning their BALM® studies which was replaced with an experience of peace they have been able to radiate out to others in their communication and relationships.

If you are new to the BALM® and would like to know more about how spending 3 months to a year as a BALMer has affected others and to learn from them what it was that helped them to help their loved ones and themselves, check out the recordings in the ‘Information: The Daily BALM®’ section of our web learning platform, also known as Family Recovery Academy.

And come this Wednesday evening when BALM® Coach Jeff Spikes interviews BALM® Coach Trainee Betty Kreder on how her experience of BALMing has furthered her along on her recovery journey.

You can also hear BALM® Coach interview me (Bev Buncher, founder of the BALM® Programs)  on how the BALM came to be and what we mean by this Be A Loving Mirror concept and way of life that so permeates our community.

Perhaps you are not yet in the BALM® community but would like to learn more. Our Admin and BALM® Coach Tracy Ward will be willing to share a sample BALM® lesson or interview with you.

We have the mission of helping ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes. If that would help you or someone you know, or if you would like to help us do so, let Tracy know and we will help you get started!

By the way, this week is the International Coach Federation Converge Conference in Washington, DC and next week will be the FedUp Rally. We will have a table at both events. if you will be at either, please stop by! Hope to see you there!

Be A Loving Mirror everyone!



You can reach Tracy at info@familyrecoveryresources.com or 1-888-998-BALM (2256) option #2 or CLICK HERE and Tracy will contact you.