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The BALM is like a band-aid you can keep on your finger!?!

Addiction Recovery for Families, BALM, BALM, Family Recovery | December 17, 2015

This afternoon I received a call from my granddaughter.

“Bubby,” she said, with glee in her 2 year old voice. “I got bit today. My friend bit me!”

I frowned and said, “oh no Lilly, how did that happen?”

“She bit me Bubby (she calls me that instead of gramma). She bit me!”

“Does it hurt sweetheart?” I asked

“No Bubby no. I got a pink band-aid, “ she said, smiling at me through FaceTime.

“Wonderful honey!” I responded with disbelief.

And then my daughter took the phone and looked me straight in the eye as she said, “The bite is on her hand, but she insisted on putting the band-aid on her finger!”

We laughed and I thought of the BALM® – Maybe the BALM® is like that pink band-aid: Just knowing it is there and accessible helps to ease the pain.

PS: You can put your bandaid wherever you want!

Be A Loving Mirror everyone!

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