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The 2nd C: You Can’t Control Your Loved One’s Addiction

BALM | January 18, 2013

In this series of 7 posts, we are exploring the 7 C’s. Today our topic is the 2nd C: You cannot control your loved one’s addiction

How many times has someone said to this to you about your addicted loved one: “Why can’t you just get him to drink and drug like everyone else?”

If they have, you may be trying to figure out why you can’t, or you may have already figured it out: It’s because you can’t control another person’s drinking or drugging – not even if you love that person more than life.

Control is what we all yearn for when it comes to our loved ones. We want to be able to say the magic words that will make them control themselves.

What we find, however, is that, all too often, when we try to make them cut down on their use or do it our way, often things get worse.

So, face it. It’s not your job to control your addicted loved one’s using. In fact it isn’t even your job to try to!

Instead, it is your job to love them and accept them as they are. The task before you is to treat them with dignity and respect, regardless of what face they are showing you today. But we will talk more about that as we move ahead. In the meantime, let go of your desire to control your loved one and start LIVING YOUR OWN LIFE!!!

After all, it is the only one you really have any control over!

See you next time, when we will discuss the 3rd C: You Can’t Cure It!

Have a great day!

Coach Bev

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