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Testimonial – BALMer shares her experience

BALM | September 5, 2017

The BALM® Institute welcomes The Kiloby Center for Recovery to our family of BALM® Family Recovery Treatment Centers. 

The following testimonial was written by Colleen, a BALMer from that center and one of our newest Coach Trainees.


“Hi Bev,

Hope all is well. I have come to the workbook section that asks me to choose a mindful practice for one week and then email my experience to you.
I actually practice more than one of these daily, some for the last year and half (which I learned in my Kiloby Family Recovery program) and others due to being in and practicing these in my 12 step recovery program.
The one I have chosen to share with you in this email is breathing to slow down my thoughts and/or actions which I learned from the Kiloby Family Program. I breathe in deeply and slowly for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and then breathe out slowly for 8 counts (I learned to always breathe out more counts than you breathe in to relieve any anxiety). I practice this multiple times during the day-sometimes 3 or 4 times and sometimes many more. Along with the breathing, I consciously take note of my surroundings and awareness of the moment in the time I am presently in.
This practice has helped me to shift my mind from staying in the past and thinking about failures and beating myself up over things that cannot be changed.It helps me to be in the moment and to know I am OK today, and today I am doing the best that I can to make my life better and better for those around me.
This practice also helps me to stay out of the future in my mind which can leap and jump into projections of deep dark negative thoughts of what may happen. Again, by practicing this breathing and in the moment awareness, I am able to shift my mind into knowing that this moment, I am in right now, is OK and I am OK, and then I am able to move onto my next task with more clarity and calmness. It has changed my life and my days so much. I use it while driving my car if I get anxious about traffic or being late. I use it standing in line at the grocery store if I get anxious about how long and slow the lines are. I use it when in conversation with someone if I feel myself getting anxious in any way about what and/or how they are saying something to me.
So for myself, I use it intentionally when I am still and my mind gets busy in a negative way, and I use it intentionally when I am in the midst of an activity that may cause me anxiety. It is a great tool that is portable and functional with positive results in many instances in many moments of my days and life. I am so grateful for learning and practicing this tool daily.
I am also grateful for being introduced the BALM® program. I do believe it is a God-send. I am hoping and praying that I will continue to move forward at a good pace to keep up with this program. Life can get so busy and I do know that this is a priority that will, without a doubt, help me and my family in our recovery. I am also hopeful that I may complete this program to begin to help other families.
Thank you again for all your help and time and most of all for taking the time to create this program.
I hope you have a wonderful peaceful day today!”