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Terri S. to be interviewed this coming Monday about her experience of the BALM – Here is her testimonial!

BALM | December 5, 2018

BALM Testimonial by Terri S.

The BALM has given me fundamentally different ways to look at things, and directed my path as a loving family member.. Here I learned there are different, more powerful ways to love and connect with my loved one and everyone. I’ve learned ways to be a part of my loved one’s life without controlling and without detaching fully. And our relationship has improved as a result.

The BALM will meet you where you are and help you grow in your recovery as an individual and family member. In fact, It takes recovery to a whole new level of authenticity and growth.

Having so much more support in becoming my more authentic self in relationship with my loved one has made a huge difference for me and for us.

If it seems like this is your path, get on it and participate in it as much as you are able. The cost is too high to not become a BALMer. The chance of losing a loved one is so great. But with the balm you don’t have to let him or her get to their bottom. You can open the love channel and be their best chance at recovery, while nourishing yourself and the relationship fully!


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