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Ride The Wave

BALM | October 26, 2016

Have you ever had a time when things seemed so overwhelming you were not sure how you would get through it? If so, why not try a conversation with Someone always there and always steady…Here is one I had once. See if it can help you…


Me – God, could we please speak? (Use whatever/whoever your trusted source is!)

God – always here my child

Me – this feels like the moment of truth. My life appears to be unraveling. Small things and large…Not sure if I can hold on…

God – ride the wave. When it is a good wave, ride it. When it is a bad wave, ride it.

Me – lost

God – hold on tight to Me.

Me – ok.

God – I am here. All is well. Hold on.

Me – Thank you.


Having a conversation with your God or Higher Power (whatever you refer to Him or Her as) can make all the difference.

Here is how to start:

  1. Get yourself in a quiet place.
  2. Sit quietly with pen and paper in hand. Set up the page for a dialogue by writing Dialogue with God followed by the date at the top.
  3. Breathe.
  4. See yourself surrounded by love and light.
  5. Allow yourself to be open to the Highest Guidance available to you and internally ask for it.
  6. Then begin by writing, as you see above, the request for a conversation (always start by asking).
  7. Allow yourself to be receptive and write the answer.
  8. Then respond by either asking a question or beginning the conversation. Sometimes, you only make a brief statement or write a brief question. Other times, you will find yourself venting details.
  9. Write down whatever comes. Allow your pen to flow without judgment. There will be time later for skepticism. For now, just get it out.
  10. When done, simply stop and listen. Allow for an answer and write down whatever you hear, if possible, as you are getting it.
  11. Then ask your next question or respond. Consider this a conversation. Sometimes it is brief. You get your answer and go. Other times, it will last awhile. Be open to the flow and allow it to carry you.
  12. When the conversation is over, say thank you.

Wondering if you just had a spirit driven conversation or if your ego just made it up?

(Hint: God’s answers are often brief and clear. Convoluted sentences that ramble on and on are often born of ego.)

In the meantime, start the conversation, stay in the moment, and

Ride the Wave!



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