The International Coach Federation has approved The BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training program as an ACTP with 162 hours of coach-specific training.

To graduate successfully and become a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach (CBC), you will have participated in and successfully completed all of the ACTP requirements. You may choose to take some or all of the following as long as the pre-requisites for each are completed or in process. (Speak with an Admissions Specialist to determine eligibility.)

Required with ALL enrollments: BALM Pre-Requisites for the special rate of $999 when purchased with any of the courses below.

Choose from various program packages:

Fundamentals of Life Coaching 1 and 2 (48 CC hours)
$1999 per course or $2999 for both

Advanced BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching (24 hours – 16 CC, 8 RD)
$2495 – (plus BALM Pre-requisites required) pre-requisite: 60 hours of life coach training

Family Recovery Life Coach Business Development (16 hours – 6 CC, 10 RD)
$1599 (for students taking other BALM Institute Coaching Courses)

Group Mentor Coaching (15 CC hours)
$1999 And One-On-One
Mentor Coaching (3 CC hours) – $599 or $2399 for both – only available to students enrolled in BFLC 2 or Advanced BFRLC at the BALM institute

Student-To-Student Coaching (12 CC hours) – can be taken quarterly
$599 per quarter -Can be taken with any of our courses – only available to BALM Institute coach trainees

Practicum (24 CC hours)
$2499 for tuition for the weekend (room and board not included) -Pre-requisite: FLC 1 and 2 and mentor coaching or BFRLC

Oral Exams (2 coaching sessions assessed at the PCC level)
$600 for both
Pre-requisite: Practicum – only available to BALM Institute students