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Moving Toward A New Year

Addiction Recovery for Families, BALM, Beverly Buncher | December 18, 2015

The last two weeks of the year begin in a rush and move from the high of Christmas to the contemplative space of preparing for the upcoming year. Resolutions begin to be hatched along with New Year’s Eve plans – and sometimes the behaviors of New Year’s Eve serve as a last hurrah before moving into a whole new commitment for a new year.

So what will it be for you this year?

  • Less drinking?
  • Fewer cookies?
  • An end to smoking?

or will it be more like…

  • finish that book you’ve been writing
  • search for a new job
  • stop enabling
  • start BALMing?

Knowing how New Year’s Resolutions can come and go, I’d like to invite you to consider a different approach to the New Year….

First,  check in with yourself to see if you are actually prepared to make this change you have decided upon.

If the answer is yes, go for it.

But if you’re not so sure, take out your journal and answer these simple questions to help yourself get ready.

  1. What is the change you wish to make?
  2. How will making this change benefit you?
  3. How will not making the change hurt you?
  4. What obstacles stand in the path of your making the change?
  5. Jot down three ways around each obstacle.
  6. On a scale of 1-10 (one being not at all and ten being totally committed), how committed are you to making the change?
  7. If your answer is anything more than 1, write bullet points telling why.
  8. If your answer is anything less than 10, write bullet points telling your plan to move it up toward 10.
  9. Set a date to begin implementing that plan.
  10. Look over your list and set a date for the change to be accomplished.
  11. Make a list of everything you need to do to get ready to make the change.
  12. Put a date on your calendar to begin doing the things you listed in item #10.
  13. Go at it!

Does this seem long and complicated? Without support, it can seem overwhelming – That’s why so many people just say, “As of January 1,  I will no longer (fill in the blank)” and then, by March 1 whatever they said they would do is long forgotten…

Change that sticks happens in stages. We learn that in Principle Two of the Daily BALM® where you can also find a handout to assess where you are in your stages of change in terms of This Particular Change, along with lots of recordings and handouts to help you get through the changes you seek to make!

Relax. Take a Breath!

Call Your BALM® Coach and walk to this change together…that is, if making a REAL sustainable change is more important to you than a resolution you may or may not keep…

Be A Loving Mirror!


PS: If learning more about how change happens is important to you, be sure to join us for Principle 2 four times this year when BALM® Coach/Addictions Professional Michael DeForbes shares his expertise on Motivational Interviewing, a great tool for families looking to help their loved ones find their own path to change! Mark your calendars BALMers! The first one will be on Wednesday, January 20.