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Moving Day and BALM Recovery

BALM | May 25, 2018

For many years, when we moved that meant I’d have to start all over again: New friends, new 12-step meetings, new people to call. Since we have moved nine times in the past 33 years, to a total of 3, going on four new states, this uprooting has not always been pleasant, let alone easy.

The good news has been there have been 12-step meetings to go to where we could begin to make local friends, something we look forward to doing when we move to our new town of Tomball outside of Houston, TX.

But still, it takes time to get all of the basics of moving completed, and those local meetings and people to meet require more effort than I have been able to muster immediately after most of our moves.

So, there have been gaps – gaps from the time we left one place until I met people in the new place and gaps from the time I met them to the time I made new friends.

Enter BALM® recovery.

About six years ago, the BALM® community began offering daily programming in the form of online classes, interviews,  and support groups. There were only a few of us at that time, but our numbers grew as we began to offer a comprehensive BALM® Family Recovery Education Program and our BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program.

As time went on, we noticed people talking about moving from one part of the country to another and talking about how nice it was to have a ready made online recovery community already in place to share the ups and downs of one of moving, which has been named one of life’s most stressful activities. Going through it with them, before, during, after, and still having them around, made a big difference for us and for them. Plus, many BALMers have a coach as well (I know I do!) and their 12-step meetings both available on the BALM® and elsewhere.

I appreciated the fact that we could provide the ongoing stability many of us, in past years, needed to spend months rebuilding recovery communities. The BALM® community now provides the backdrop for many of us as we grow into new locales with new opportunities and new stressors.

Never more than now, have I appreciated the value of all of you being there, behind the computer screens, ipads, and phone lines, there to share with and listen to, to teach and learn from.

Just feeling so much gratitude today for the power of community, specifically of the BALM® community, that we are all sharing together.

A week from today, i will wake up in a new home in a new town for the first time. And the night of my move, I will teach a class. And the next morning, I will join you on our new weekday meditation and reading call at 7:30 AM ET.

Life goes on when we move and because of the BALM® Community, this mover feels less isolated and alone than ever before. Thanks everyone for being a part of the journey with me!

And remember, Be A Loving Mirror!




PS  – and if you live in the Houston or Tomball area and would like to get together for lunch or have me come and speak to your organization or treatment center, let’s talk! I’m excited to be moving to a large local recovery community with so many opportunities to reach out to and help families!


Be A Loving Mirror!

Beverly A. Buncher, MA, PCC, CBC, CTPC

Family Recovery Coach/CEO

Family Recovery Resources, LLC



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