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“Love is the Answer; Peace is the Path; Connection is the Result”

BALM, BALM 7 Steps Online Retreat | January 27, 2023

When asked what is the most important thing they have gained from their participation in the BALM, participants will often say inner peace and the ability to communicate honestly without defense or offense. 


The idea of sharing facts with a struggling person through the eyes and heart of peace is the BALM way. This doesn’t mean that every step is peaceful. Life has its ups and downs. But when it comes down to it, when you walk the peaceful path, peace is always there to return to, and more often than not, peace is the path of a BALMer.


This idea of Love being the answer helps so much with staying on the path, as it is the love we experience in BALM and the love we have for our loved ones that encourages us to take and stay on the peaceful path.


And when we engage with love and peace, it becomes more likely that we will be able to communicate with our loved ones in a way that brings about connection.


The 7 Steps to BALM provide a structure within which to develop this experiential sense of unconditional love, peace,and connection both within ourselves and with those we love. In the 7 Steps, we learn how to engage deeply with the Peace, with self, and with others. On that foundation, we practice the specific conversational skills that allow us to help someone gently wake up to the facts that could help them experience that same sense of love, peace, and connection.


In a few weeks, we will once again hold a 4-day online 7 Steps to BALM Retreat. Join us to learn the skills and tools that will return you to the peaceful path, for your own and your loved one’s well being.

To learn more CLICK HERE to register for the pre-retreat information call on Monday, January 30 at 8:00 p.m. ET