+ Advanced Coach Training with BALM


If you are already a life coach with at least 60 hours of ICF Life Coach Training, you may qualify for this program. As a participant, you will, of course, start with the BALM which each and every coach trainee on this path becomes an expert on. Understanding what it takes to help a family move through their developmental levels using the BALM tools and skills is essential to every BALM coach and this is the first thing you will begin learning and applying to your own life in this program.

Then, you will dive right into your advanced coach training which will include mentor coaching using the PCC markers (an advanced form of mentor coaching built into our programs that is still only present in 25% of ACTP Programs) and a 24 hour BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training course which will allow you to deepen your ability to coach families affected by the family malady of SUD. In this course you will master the framework of the BALM Family Developmental Levels Model which powerfully helps coaches understand where families are in their stages of change when they enter the coaching relationship and how to use the BALM, its tools, and coaching skills and tools to help them powerfully shift to where they need to be in order to be of optimal help in their own and their loved one’s recovery.

This unique approach to family recovery coaching will empower you to build on your coach training experience, strengthen it with advanced mentor coaching, and catapult your ability to help families through integrating your coaching with the BALM Method and Model.

But that’s not all. Coaches who choose this path appreciate options. They want as much education as they can get and appreciate the opportunity to attend the in-person Practicum weekend for extra coaching practice with feedback and are seeking additional Business Development training to help them develop their Family Recovery Life Coaching Business upon graduation. They also know that with this program, they are eligible to take all of the courses included in the ACTP should they wish to now or at a later date.

Includes the following:

  • 80+ hours of BALM Family Recovery Education Prerequisites plus access to the entire BALM Comprehensive Program to educate you in the revolutionary method of BALM Recovery
  • 15 hours of mentor coaching at the PCC level
  • 24 hours of BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching
  • 24 hours of student to student coaching
  • 24 hour weekend live in person Practicum (includes tuition only in price)
  • Business Development Course

Optional but included in the price:

  • 48 hours of Fundamentals of BALM Life Coach Training
  • An additional 24 hours of student to student coaching

Why would I want this option?

If you have at least 60 hours of life coaching, and don’t yet have your ICF certification, and you want a meaningful specialization in your niche area while also benefiting from the ACTP path of BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching with the option to take as much of the ACTP as you would like to while paying Advanced Course Pricing, this course will provide you with the education and preparation you seek!

cost: $7000 (including tuition for the live Practicum)

duration: 6 months - 1 ½ year

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Our Refund Policy

The BALM® Training institute is committed to helping all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.

This work of family recovery and/or helping others grow in their family recovery is important and challenging work.

We provide excellent education and coaching for the families and professionals we serve. We encourage applicants to take the time to explore our offerings fully before committing to the program. Once a student or family makes the commitment, our services are non-refundable.

We look forward to walking the loving path to family recovery with you as you move forward on your journey.