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Let’s Talk about S*** (Stress, The Difficult Things Life Sends Us Everyday)

BALM | August 11, 2017


S*** = stress = the difficult things life sends us everyday. if the use of the word s*** offends you, change the word to one that will help you!

Strong women and strong men go through a lot of s***! Guess what? S*** is fertilizer!!!!

We could tone this down to stuff, crap, or junk, but sometimes strong language is needed to wake us up to a new way of seeing things.

After all, s*** is a constant in everyone’s life. We get to choose how we use our s***: to grow or to become embittered.

In our bodies, lack of s*** can mean death. In our lives, lack of sh*t can mean a lack of content to work with.

So keep the s*** coming. Shift your attitude about its meaning and what you do with it.

Remember: S*** = stress = the difficult things life sends us everyday.

A recent longitudinal study showed that, rather than being harmful, stress is helpful to those who think of it in a positive helpful light.

but to those who feel it is harmful, it definitely is. This represents a total shift in prior thinking that said stress is the big killer.

No, it is not stress. It is not the s*** that happens to us. It is how we process it.

So friends, let’s all work on our attitudinal shift so the s*** becomes the fertilizer for the shift that will take our lives to the next level of happiness and fulfillment in our relationships and our lives!


Be A Loving Mirror everyone and watch Kelly McGonigal’s youtube on the longitudinal study that turned her work around and how to make stress your friend here:!