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Don’t Miss the Daily BALM this week! Leslie H Returns for a New Topic and Deeper BALM Wisdom

BALM | February 12, 2019
Self care is important in the road to family recovery

Almost 7 years ago, a family came into the BALM for a 12 week Be A Loving Mirror class online. The mom wanted coaching as well and so our journey began.

Her name is Leslie H and if you have been on the BALM for awhile, you’ve probably listened to her helpful stories about how she  used BALM principles, steps and coaching to help her sons become responsible men and how she saved her own life and sanity in the process.

Leslie is a BALMer from the early days of BALM who worked it and continues to work it to this day for her own and her family’s great benefit.

Leslie H came into the BALM in 2011  when her oldest son entered treatment. From the first meeting we had, she knew she needed to change the way in which she was operating as a parent, a wife, and a person in relationship with those challenged by substance use disorder. And she insisted on taking every nugget of learning and turning it into new more effective behaviors.

We worked together as she learned the BALM ideas, through that early BALM  class, through our coaching and her own inner work, and over the years she has appeared on the BALM to talk about what she learned about how to be your loved one’s best chance and how to set powerful boundaries.

This week on Wednesday, February 13, Leslie will join us to talk about one of her areas of expertise: self care.

From the start of our work together,  she used her self care regimen to help herself integrate everything she was learning. Join us to hear her philosophy of the importance of self care in helping a loved one decide to take care of themselves and of course for an update on how her family is doing!

We are so grateful whenever BALMer’s of the past grace us with their presence so we can learn from their wisdom and grow deeper along with them!



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