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I Received Closure through the Grief Recovery Support Group – A Mom’s Perspective

BALM | October 24, 2019

I will be forever grateful for the healing and closure I experienced through this course!

I was already 2 ½ years into my grief recovery journey from the loss of my son to a heroin overdose when a friend suggested I consider signing up for the Grief Recovery Support Group,  a new offering of the Family Recovery Academy and the BALM Institute.

Feeling that I had already worked my way through much of the emotional upheaval of that loss, I came into the group unsure of how this would be of benefit to me.  And was even more unsure in those first few weeks as we were assigned exercises that did not at first, seem relevant to grief recovery.

However, through these exercises, Eric Bricker challenged each of us to dig deeper, acknowledge any unresolved feelings, seek and offer forgiveness and give voice to any words left unsaid.  For me, it was an opportunity for healing that I didn’t even realize I needed!

Being able to write and share the letter I wrote to my son, in that supportive and caring environment, brought me to a place of deep inner peace and healing.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with the pain and sorrow of anticipatory or actual loss of a loved one.

Kathleen Tracy

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