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I am already taking the BALM. Why would I want to hire a coach?

BALM | July 18, 2016

I recently received a letter from a BALMer asking me what value they could gain from hiring a one-on-one BALM® coach. Here is my response:

Dear Farra,

You recently wrote to ask why I thought it would be a good idea for you to hire a BALM® coach when you are already in the BALM® Comprehensive. With your permission, I am writing my response in this blog post where it can help others who may be thinking the same thing.

First, a bit about the BALM® Comprehensive.

As you know, the BALM® Comprehensive is a powerful online educational program designed to provide help for families affected by a loved one’s substance use disorder or other addictive behaviors.

It consists of Three Learning Paths, each of which is essential to family recovery.

Learning Path 1: The Information  Daily BALM® Path

  • This path consists of 12 courses, each of which covers one of the 12 BALM® Principles. Through these 12 courses, students learn a tremendous amount about family addiction, family recovery, substance use disorder, relationships, what to let go of and what to not let go of, how to be a loved one’s best chance at recovery and how to take amazing care of yourself so that you can get your life back! Each course has a one hour lesson with a PowerPoint and 10-12 hours of recorded expert interviews, family interviews, recovering person interviews and discussions. Plus handouts to go with each lesson and many of the expert interviews.
  • For some people just getting the information is enough to put them firmly on their path to recovery and they are able to figure out the rest on their own.


Learning Path 2: The Transformation Path

  • This path consists of 4 pre-requisite courses from the Daily BALM® path (which you do not have to repeat if you have already taken them PLUS The 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror course, which gives participants a step by step process to get peaceful, see their loved one through the eyes of love, deal with emotions, and have transformative conversations with a loved one that, when necessary, involve setting a boundary.
  • This path is often called the Pearl of the BALM® Program, since it holds the key to both inner and outer change in the individual and the family affected by a loved one’s addiction.
  • It includes a centering activity, lesson, demonstration, discussion, partner work, and an assigned buddy between classes for the 8 weeks that the class is going on.
  • For some people, the information and transformation together provide just the shot of recovery needed to get their recovery going.


Learning Path Three: The Support Path

  • This path consists of two group experiences, each of which increases the amount of support the participant can count on from the BALM® Comprehensive.
  • The first is a twice weekly group coaching call (day or night), in which participants can bring up the challenges they are facing in their relationship with their loved one. This piece of the support path provides an opportunity for group members to not only get help with the challenges they are facing, but to support one another on the recovery path. Often attended by Coaches and Coach Trainees, the group is run by a certified BALM® coach and is designed to support the work you are doing in the BALM® and give the community the chance to support each other.
  • The second is the ongoing workshop called Journal Your Way to BALM® Recovery: Be A Loving Mirror to Yourself. This course teaches participants a unique journaling tool to help them look in the mirror at their own inner and outer lives through journaling.
  • For many people, the addition of the coaching group is a great supplement to their work with their own BALM® coach and all they are learning in the BALM® Comprehensive and the Journaling workshop provides a welcome opportunity to go within in a safe, non-judgmental way.
  • For those who don’t have a coach, these supportive opportunities either shed a light on their need for a coach or turn out to provide the amount of support they need.


Many BALMer’s find that the educational environment of the BALM® Comprehensive is powerful and helpful. At the same time, there is no substitute for the one-on-one relationship a BALM® Coach can provide. A BALM® Coach is trained to help a family member move from whatever challenges they face into the light of finding solutions and empowering actions. While BALMer’s will all get there if they apply all they are learning, the Fast Track of the BALM® Comprehensive becomes the Speed of Light Track of having an interactive partner to travel your BALM® path with you.

When you have a BALM® coach you have someone to discuss the specific challenges you are facing with your loved one plus:

  • you can deal with issues you would like to deal with privately with an expert in the field of family recovery
  • you have someone to help you work on both BALM® goals: to get your life back and help you help your loved one get their life back
  • you can ask questions about what you are learning in BALM® and get specific guidance on which recordings could best help you with specific situations, and which courses would be best for you to take
  • you can bring anything to your coach to set goals on and move forward with
  • BALM® coaches are trained to help families advocate effectively. As your loved one goes through the various stages of their journey, your coach will help you find resources, deal with the challenges you are facing, and decide when it is time to bring other professionals into the situation.
  • Partnering with your loved ones’ professionals is crucial. Your BALM® coach can guide you on that and/or get involved as a team member if you would like them to.
  • Often, your BALM® coach has been where you are or has helped other families do so. Their training and expertise are there to help you walk your journey in a way that allows you to contribute to your loved one’s recovery rather than their Substance Use Disorder.
  • Your BALM® coach will be looking out for YOU, encouraging you to grow calm and healthy as you move forward as a BALMer.

If you are feeling like you need more help than the BALM® Comprehensive alone affords, consider hiring a BALM® coach! Or if you are not yet a BALMer, you may want to sign up now!

For more information, contact info@familyrecoveryresources.com or via phone (502) 724-2686. Tracy will be happy to answer any questions set you up for a complimentary coaching session with a BALM® coach, and/or enroll you today!

Be A Loving Mirror!

Beverly A. Buncher, MA, PCC, MRLC, CTPC

Family Recovery Coach/CEO

Family Recovery Resources, LLC



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