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How We See the World is an Inside Job

BALM | January 26, 2019
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When you think of your struggling loved one, do you see a human being with a challenge or a bad person doing everything they can to ruin your life?

Do you see their every action an affront to your standards?

Or, do you see their every action as a part of their, not your, journey?

When you look at them, do you think of everything they have ever done to upset you?

Or, do you see their actions as reflective of the inner battle they are waging against a hijacked brain that is doing everything it can to take over their very being?

The reason two people with what looks like the same set of problems, can feel and experience the problems so differently is that happiness is indeed an inside job. So, too, is the perspective we bring to the  events our  struggling loved ones bring into our lives.

Just for today, take a moment to simply watch your own mind and how it interprets the facts presented to it.

Jot down those facts without the interpretation and see if you can think of a different, less upsetting lens through which to view the facts.

Your world presents you with events, facts. Your mind presents you with interpretation in the form of thoughts.

Change your mind, change your feelings, change your life.

No guarantee of a happy ending with the facts.

Yet, we always have a choice in the interpretation department…and we can even choose not to interpret, but just to see and hear and allow the facts to be what they are without any story of what those facts mean at all!

Choosing a different perspective can make all the difference in how we experience our lives and our loved ones.

And when we are willing to take the drama out of the facts, we can share them at the right time and in the right place, in just the right tone with our loved ones so they can see past their blindside, too.

Be A Loving Mirror!



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