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How Long Will This Recovery Thing Take?

BALM | September 30, 2022

When families come into the BALM, they have often been on the recovery journey for a while. Their loved ones have been in jails and treatment centers, often more than once.

Family life over the years leading up to finding the BALM became more and more centered around the comings and goings of their loved ones’ use, dealers, cravings, crimes. And the family members found themselves getting worn out as their loved one’s antics increased along with the chaos in the house.

And then it happens. It comes through a Google search of family recovery programs, or a friend in a cafe sharing a “must read” book (which turns out to be the BALM book). The family members (usually just one or two to start), experience a “light bulb moment” when they watch a BALM video with ideas like:

  • Love is the answer
  • Peace is the path
  • Let go of obsessing
  • You are always contributing

So, some of those families choose a few BALM ideas and refashion their relationship with their loved one. Others read the book first and then enroll in the BALM One Year Program. Others, just KNOW they are meant to help families and become coaches or 12 Principles Facilitators.

As they get 3 months, 6 months, one year, or even three years into the BALM program, families often find things changing in their lives and their families. It starts with a simple comment from a loved one like “you’re finally listening to me!” And often evolves into “I am getting tired of this life. Do you think you could help me?”

Even when the loved one’s shift is slower than expected, families who work the BALM with great focus, have a shift of their own that often brings out a peace in them that they never knew was there.

Conversations grow quieter, relationships improve, and life becomes worth living again, even if the loved one is still struggling.

Every week on the BALM, we interview families, experts, and recovering persons on something related to the Principle of the Week. When it’s time for Principle 12 “Be A Loving Mirror is the Journey and the Destination” comes around, families get to tell their BALM stories. That’s when we hear about how the BALM came into their lives, how working it helped them, and how working it helped their loved one’s recovery.

This coming week, a mom and son will be interviewed. When she came into the BALM through her son’s treatment program, she had much to learn about how to communicate in a way that would contribute to his recovery. Over time, she did and now she is studying to be a BALM Coach. Meanwhile, her son graduated from treatment and went into the treatment field himself.

Each BALM family has their own story. Finding out how the BALM has helped families across the country and around the world to shift from the inside out is what the Wednesday interviews are all about.
If you are a member of the community, join us this week and, to listen to past testimonials, go to our platform and watch the stories of other BALM families.

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