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How Can We Prevent Our Children from Becoming Addicted in the first Place?

BALM | June 25, 2019

In the BALM, we say ‘Prevention is Early Intervention’  because young people often experiment. At the same time, the numbers of young people experimenting are down right now for all drugs except Cannibus.

The good news about that is that fewer young people are getting involved in heavier drugs. The bad news is that no matter how benign you feel marijuana is, the reports from states where it has become legal are indicating a dramatic uptick in a variety of negative outcomes, especially in the young people who are using pot regularly and the research is showing more and more the negative brain effects over time from regular marijuana use. (https://teens.drugabuse.gov/blog/post/teens-drug-use-lower-ever-mostly)

Ideally, we want to help teens NOT START using any type of substances of using behaviors (such as vaping marijuana or cigarettes) at all.

But what about those teens (at least one in three) who will experiment, whether with vaping, cigarettes, marijuana, or in much smaller numbers, with alcohol or other prescription or illicit drugs?

Since you never know which of your teens will be able to take it or leave it and which will not, remember that PREVENTION IS EARLY INTERVENTION.

Learning the Be A Loving Mirror Method of Family Recovery provides family members with tools to, in some cases, prevent problems altogether. And for those young people who do experiment, their BALM family members have communication tools, support, and the knowledge of use disorders and recovery needed to quickly see what is going on and address it in the most loving and effective way possible.

Learn the BALM so YOU can become your loved one’s BEST chance at getting back on track before their experiments become struggles. And if they are already struggling, do so in order to prevent worse outcomes in the future!

Remember, Be A Loving Mirror!




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