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How Can Having a BALM Coach Help Me?

BALM | February 18, 2016

If you are a person dealing with a loved one’s substance use disorder or other struggles, you know how valuable support can be. It’s why you read these blogs and why you are in the BALM® Community or considering joining. But, you may not know what coaching is or how a BALM® Coach works.

BALM® Coaches are experts in two things: The Be A Loving Mirror Method of Family Recovery and Life Coaching, using both to help families navigate the challenges of family addiction and recovery.

For some people, these blogs are enough. They read the blogs, apply what they learn, and find their ability to cope and thrive improving.

For others, adding the  BALM® newsletter helps greatly. it comes weekly, filled with powerful articles and inspiration and that helps enough to make things better.

Still others sign up for the BALM® Comprehensive, either through their loved one’s treatment center or recovery residence and take advantage of all that comes with that package. We call the BALM® Comprehensive a Fast Track to Family Recovery because it provides participants with powerful information, transformation, and support over the course of a year that is designed to help you get your life back AND help your loved one get theirs back. Here is what is included:

  • The Daily BALM® and over 100 recordings of interviews with family members, recovering persons, and experts.
  •  7 Steps to BALM® classes
  • Weekly Coaching Groups
  • Journal to Recovery Courses

Yet, even all of this support, while powerfully eye-opening, does not include the individual one-on-one support that having your own BALM® coach gives you!

A BALM® Coach is able to

  • listen to your specific challenges with your loved one
  • direct you to the most relevant courses, recordings and handouts in the BALM® Comprehensive to help you with those challenges
  • coach you on those challenges based on all that you are learning so you can accelerate your own recovery even more than the BALM® Comprehensive alone can do for you.

For those who feel they must accelerate their own recovery process,hiring a BALM® coach will create weekly opportunities to do so.

Imagine having all of the material in the BALM® comprehensive and someone to work through what you are learning with you one on one so you can even more powerfully apply it to your own life and your relationship with your loved one! That is the value of having a BALM® coach. Some hire a coach for 12 weeks and some for an entire year. During that time, you set your goals and your coach will help you achieve them utilizing the powerful tools of both BALM® and Life Coaching to help you get there!

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about set up a time to talk with us about the possibilities. We have coaches for most budgets and will work with you to help you find the coach best suited to help you reach your goals!

To set up an appointment to learn more about this or any of our programs, click here: