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Her Drinking is Killing Me

Addiction Recovery for Families, Family Recovery | August 14, 2014

I suggest to my clients who are dealing with their loved one’s addiction that they don’t have to leave for things to get better.

Charlie found us on the internet and when we spoke, he said he wanted to stick with his wife and see her get well, but his patience was wearing thin. And it wasn’t just his patience. So far, insurance had put his wife through three treatment centers and he wasn’t sure they’d cover a fourth!

Tip # 37: There are many ways to recover.

Often, a 30 day stint in treatment is NOT enough for long term recovery to take root. But figuring that out on your own can be like seeking a needle in a haystack. Finding a professional who is knowledgeable about the various options for you and your loved one can cut your search time considerably and result in finding an option that fits your loved one well.

We talked about what was happening with Betsy, with him, and with the kids. We discussed the family history, finances, and what he and Betsy already knew. We talked about what more there could be to learn about how to help her get and stay sober and how to get there in the most effective way possible. And then, came the time to act.

“After all,” I explained to Charlie, “The most important part of a coaching session happens between sessions.”

Tip # 38: Learning something becomes useful only when coupled with action.

He wasn’t clear about this whole “family recovery coaching” thing. “Coach” is a term used a lot these days, but he didn’t know if it would really benefit him or stop the person he loved from using.

I’ll write to you in a few days to share what Charlie and I discussed that would help him to end addiction in his home.

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