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Helping Your Loved One

Family Recovery | September 20, 2014

Her attention is diverted to a new set of friends and activities that take her out and is draining their checkbook. And at night, she often comes home drunk or high. No matter how many times he mentions it or asks her to stop, she tells him it’s not a problem. She needs a life, too.

It’s just too much!

Facing a loved one’s issues whether with drugs, pornogrophy, or alcohol, can feel impossible to handle. Are you prepared to help?

Having a BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach can make all the difference in the world. You can hire a coach to work with you and your family one on one, and/or you can join the BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery Education Program, and with it comes twice weekly group coaching live calls for family members in need of support. As a community of coaches and family members we are here to support YOU!

BALM® Family Recovery Life Coaches offer support, information, resources, and conversations that help you find out what is really going on and what you want to do about it.

Here is what is included in the one full year BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery Education Program:

  • Information: Learn about the disease, what your loved one is going through, and how to be the best support for his/her continued recovery with a twice weekly LIVE webinar, access to 150+ recordings of expert interviews, recovering family members, and recovering persons. Workbooks and handouts.
  • Transformation: You will achieve the ability to act on what you have learned. The 7 Steps to BALM is an 8-week class designed to help you practice what you are learning with a partner and implement it into your daily life.
  • Support:  You will receive laser coaching in a group setting, hear how others are coping, and receive support for one full year. The power of the group cannot be overestimated to help you grow in your own ability to Be A Loving Mirror!  We will look at resistance and how to get through it; the types of help and support available; and how to pick the help that’s best for you!

The next 7 Steps to BALM class starts April 26th!!

If you would like to become part of our BALM® Community click here or contact Tracy at tward@familyrecoveryresources.com or (502) 724-2686.

  • The BALM® Institute for Family Recovery Coach Training Program – This program will train you to become a BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach specializing in helping families learn how to help their loved ones and take care of themselves. Many family members who come to the BALM for help decide that they want to help other families and become coaches. This is the only coach training program that includes the BALM® method of communication and recovery, thus allowing coaches to help their clients learn how to get their lives back and become their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery. It lasts 8 months for previously trained coaches and one year for those starting with the fundamentals of coach training. The next Fundamentals of Life Coach Training Course starts in July, so contact Tracy to get started on your pre-requisites today. To get more information, click here.

Each of the above clicks will ask for your contact information so that Tracy can call to answer any questions you may have about the powerful work we do at Family Recovery Resources and our affiliate companies.