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Help for Families Struggling with Addiction

BALM | July 19, 2019

We are looking for families struggling with a loved one’s’addiction and ready to finally find a solution focused program to help their loved one into recovery.

These families are tired of being told they have to set boundaries now when they are not ready or don’t agree with what they are told the boundaries should be.

They are fed up with being told to stop enabling when they don’t see enabling as the main problem they are dealing with.

They are simply finished with being told to stay in their own lane when they know they could help their loved one if they simply had the right tools.

We offer those families a full online program based on a loving approach to family recovery.

This approach, known as BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror®) provides a dual approach where families learn how to:

  • Stop feeling bad for loving someone with a use disorder
  • Reawaken the loving feelings that were so evident before the beast of use disorders entered the family
  • Rebuild relationships even when addiction is still present
  • Focus on their loved one in ways that can contribute to them moving toward recovery
  • Focus on themselves in order to build a good life for them and their families
  • Negotiate with a loved one effectively to create win-win scenarios in the family
  • Have loving conversations that often have the effect of waking a loved one up so they can choose recovery without feeling forced or coerced
  • Build the inner strength it takes to set boundaries that will protect the family and give the loved one a better chance of waking up
  • Learn what it means to be at choice rather than a victim and put that into practice in a loving way

If you know a family in need of the tools and way of being to make all of the above become a reality rather than a pipe dream, tell them about the BALM® and invite them to call us to learn more. 1-888-998-BALM


Bev Buncher, Founder of the BALM


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