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Healing Springs Ranch Collaborates with Be A Loving Mirror® (BALM®)

Addiction Recovery for Families, Beverly Buncher, Healing Springs Ranch | February 13, 2020
Healing Springs Ranch Collaborates with BALM Family Recovery Services

This enables Healing Springs Ranch (HSR) to better help your family come together and support your loved one.


TIOGA, TexasFeb. 4, 2020/PRNewswire/ — Healing Springs Ranch (HSR), an Internationally recognized treatment center announces our collaborative approach between HSR’s Integrated Addiction Model and BALM®.

BALM® stands for Be A Loving Mirror®, a unique method of Family Recovery designed to provide families with the tools to reclaim their lives while learning how to lovingly help their loved one through their recovery journey.

“I chose to implement BALM® in response to my personal and professional experiences within the addiction field,” said Melissa Caldwell Engle, Clinical Director and Co-founder, MS, LPC, ATR. “HSR offers an integrated approach to addiction recovery focusing on physical health, emotional health, life purpose, and family recovery.”

Our Integrated Addiction Model is the foundation for treatment at HSR. This model makes the difference by addressing one’s self-sabotaging and addictive behaviors, as well as identifying and addressing any underlying, unresolved emotional/mental health issues. Also, the need for healthy relationships and the interpersonal connection is a crucial variable for recovery success. Therefore, HSR is very invested in family and friends’ involvement in the recovery process of their loved ones.

The BALM® Family Recovery Program is a 1-year long education program brought to you by HSR. This opportunity is part of the HSR package and is conveniently offered via web video conferencing and the Internet.

“There is powerful research that shows that when the family gets better, the struggling loved one has a MUCH better chance of recovery,” said Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBFRLC, CTPC, founder and author of BALM®. “In other words, YOU can be your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery by demonstrating the willingness to look at yourself and how you react to life circumstances and interact in relationships.”

About Healing Springs Ranch

Healing Springs Ranch is a world-class, first-of-its-kind, internationally recognized residential treatment center for adults recovering from all addictions, substance use and other related mental health issues. Tucked away on 80 acres of beautiful and serene lakefront property north of the Dallas metroplex, Healing Springs Ranch offers an Integrated Addictions Model which identifies the underlying issues and unresolved trauma behind most, if not all, addictive patterns and co-occurring symptoms and diagnoses – all during one treatment stay.

For more information, visit www.healingspringsranch.com, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/healingspringsranch/, and LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/healing-springs-ranch-1a7039122

About the Balm Training Institute

The BALM® Training Institute is a full service online educational program focused on helping ALL families become their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery from Substance Use Disorders and other Use Disorders. In addition to providing Family Recovery Education and Coaching to individual families, the Institute licenses treatment centers to use its methods and curricula with the families they serve.

As the first and only International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Life Coach Training Program to focus on recovery, the BALM® Training Institute is leading the way to a revolutionary approach to family recovery that is both holistic and effective. What makes the BALM® Program special is the Be A Loving Mirror® Method of Family Recovery. The BALM® method is built on a foundation of love, connection, boundaries, and leverage, and is filled with evidence-based practices designed to create positive change in the lives of families and their struggling loved ones. Families are supported through a 1-year online Family Recovery Education Program. This picks up where traditional family recovery ends in terms of its approach, its accessibility, and its length.

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