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BALM, BALM 7 Steps Online Retreat | February 4, 2023
Why Taking an Intensive Retreat Can Help Families in SUD Recovery

According to the Harvard Study of Adult Development (https://www.adultdevelopmentstudy.org/) and the NY Times Happiness Challenge, building strong relationships with individuals and communities can increase your happiness and health.  (https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/01/well/happiness-challenge-relationships.html)


In families where relationships are often tangled in a web of lies, fear, sadness, denial, and confusion, the bonds of community become even more important. 


Also critical are educational experiences that help you reconfigure those relationships so the lies, fear, sadness, denial, and confusion can decrease as your inner peace increases and you learn new ways to communicate with the people you love. 


We  experience healthy community in the BALM, reaching out beyond ourselves to connect with people in other families;  sharing, listening, and supporting each other. 


Making room for community in your life can change everything. Where are you in building a sense of wellbeing through relationship?


Join us at the upcoming 7 Steps Retreat to treat yourself to an intensive dose of transformational support in a community of other BALM families and coaches!


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