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Grateful for the BALM

Testimonials | December 31, 2018
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By a BALMer’s Spouse

As a person with 9 years in recovery and accolades from many around me in the rooms, I thought I was on top of the world.

Then I got married for the third time and found myself exhibiting the same behaviors rooted in old childhood traumas. Only this time was different:

I married a BALMer who calmly shared the facts of my behavior with me and set boundaries lovingly about what she would and wouldn’t live with.  She also invited me to have my own BALM coach and was willing to lovingly move ahead without me without making me bad if I chose not to make changes.

All of this allowed me to wake up to a new world of deepened recovery. I am able to be in recovery from substances and from raging behaviors, which was not anything I was able to do before.

This has also allowed me to heal relationships with my siblings and adult children, whom I had previously alienated and rejected.

I’m grateful for the BALM, for my wife, for her coach, my coach and all that it has brought into my life and our marriage.

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