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Get Your Life Back!!!

BALM | July 26, 2015

If you love someone who struggles with substance use disorder or other addictive behaviors, you may feel as if your life is not your own.

Instead, you may find yourself:

  1. controlling them
  2. taking over their responsibilities
  3. feeling like a victim
  4. feeling like a martyr
  5. being exhausted
  6. obsessed with their comings and goings
  7. scared to death that they will get hurt, overdose
  8. repressing the fear that they could die or facing it head on and feeling overwhelmed by it.

This is where Principle Five of the BALM® comes in: “When you focus ON yourself, and OFF of your loved one, it will help you both.”

“How,” you may ask, “can I possibly focus on me when my loved one is suffering?”

Good question. what this principle asks you to do is look at your life and your loved one’s life when your total focus is on your loved one. How is that working for you and for them?

If you are like most family members, your answer will probably be something like, “Not very well.”

So, BALM® recovery asks you to stop and do something differently:

Focus on yourself: Your life, your health, your opportunities for growth and having fun. Relax and enjoy life in each moment.

In the Principle Five lesson, you will find lots of charts, tables and guidelines to help you move from the life of a victim of circumstance, to one of healthy, fulfilling living.

If it sounds far fetched, go to the lesson and give it a chance.

Enjoy the lesson, shift your focus, and be there for yourself and yourself and your loved one, in a totally new way!

Be A Loving Mirror!

Beverly A. Buncher, MA, PCC, MRLC, CTPC

Family Recovery Coach/CEO

Family Recovery Resources, LLC



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