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Generation Found – How the Houston Recovery Community Leads the World in Youth Recovery

BALM | June 25, 2017

I’m still shocked when I meet someone who hasn’t seen the film Anonymous People. That film, to me, provided the recovering community and the world with an opportunity to shift our collective perspective on addiction and the importance of dissolving stigma.

Years after creating Anonymous People, co-creators Greg Williams and Jeff Reilly outdid themselves once again in the making of the film Generation Found, the story of how the Houston Recovery Community gathered together to provide adolescents in their town with one of the most powerful recovery opportunities available to young people in the world.

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this blog have focused on how Archway Recovery Academy and other Houston sober high schools combined with Alternative Peer Groups have created an ongoing, consistent unique recovery support community for teens. As the number of overdoses skyrocket nationwide, the value of a community that provides this kind of support to struggling teens becomes ever more apparent. This week’s article is an invitation for everyone to see the movie that Williams and Reilly and their team created to bring the story of this phenomenon to the world.

I hesitate to call it a phenomenon since that could imply it is so unusual as to be too difficult to replicate.

It could actually be replicated everywhere in cities large and small, with the placement of sober high schools along with Alternative Peer Groups (APG’s) available to teens as their next step in their ongoing recovery. Yet, for many communities, this still has not happened.

Generation Found  tells the story we wish we could see around the country and around the world: a story of recovery and hope for teens and families facing substance use disorder.

So, how did Houston do it and what does their community do to insure the inclusion of as many teens as possible in these programs? This is the story that Generation Found tells. In this inspiring movie, the viewer is exposed to a world where recovery is first for teens in a powerful ongoing way with community commitment backing up the intention well beyond treatment.

There is a saying I remember from my days in seminary:

“It is not your responsibility to finish the work of perfecting the world, but you are not free to desist from it either. “Rabbi Tarfon, Ethics of the Fathers, 2:21

So, as an introduction to the movie, I invite you to click here to listen to the song Just One, which is the theme song of the movie Generation Found;

Hope you will make it a point to see the movie Generation Found.
Generation Found: You can see it in your community, bring it to your community OR simply stream it through Amazon Prime. Don’t miss it! It is a life changer.
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