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Finding the Genius Within Your Loved One

BALM | April 6, 2013

“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein
So, what is your loved one a genius at? And I don’t mean using.

Think of something they do very well or did very well, before the drinking or drugging began. Or think of something they really enjoy and spend/spent time  learning a lot about.

What would it take to recognize them for that again? To bring their inner genius to the fore in your consciousness and yours.

Having a passion, whether it is music, sports, artwork, reading, telling jokes, writing, acting, helping others, bird watching, knowing every car’s model and make, or simply enjoying the out of doors, can be seen as a form of genius.

Unfortunately, our society often limits its view of what is valued to that which makes the most money . Parents can get into the trap of forcing their children, their spouses, or even themselves, into boxes of acceptable jobs that bring in the bacon, but don’t make the heart sing.

Now, I’m not putting down being responsible and providing for the family. Rather, I am encouraging finding room for the things in life that make it worthwhile…and sometimes, those things can become a way of earning income and even a career.

Value what your loved one is good at, what they love. That which makes their soul shine through. It’s what they are here for and when they are getting to do that thing, it can often help bring them back to life, even from the brink.

So, look for that passion, that spark, within them and nurture that!

Whatever we pay attention to, grows!

Are you constantly ruminating over their faults, their troubles, your troubles, or are you looking for and at what works?

Search, find, LIVE!

When you allow others to be who they are in the most positive sense, even when it is not what you would choose for them, you make room for them to grow into who they are meant to become.

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