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Learn the 7Cs: The First Steps Toward Family Recovery from SUD


This webinar is live on-demand the entire month of March, with a special offer for families who want to start our One-Year BALM Family Recovery Program.

This FREE Webinar and One-Year BALM Program is for you if:

  • You feel like you caused your loved one’s use disorder…
  • You wonder why you can’t control his or her use…
  • You worry that nothing ever works to end your loved one’s substance use disorder
  • You feel like you are at your wit’s end over your loved one’s drinking and using

If any of those mentioned above relate to you – then don’t miss this chance to get educated and be one step ahead in family recovery!

Attend our free webinar on the 7Cs and learn how families can better deal with their loved one’s use disorder.

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Remember, prevention is early intervention. Now is the time to get strong SO YOU CAN BE YOUR LOVED ONE’S BEST CHANCE AT RECOVERY.

All attendees of this free webinar will get to enjoy the following discount offers:

$99/month payment or $999/year for the One-Year BALM Family Recovery Program.

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