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Does Your Money Story Need Transforming?

BALM | March 17, 2018

Bev’s Corner – 3-17-18

Hi All,

I’m writing from a Starbucks before dawn looking out the window as I write. Though it is still dark outside, the world is beginning to wake up.

Visiting family is always a great reminder of my own growth curve. Regardless of others’ stresses and resulting words or behaviors, whether I react or respond always teaches me more about where I am in my own recovery process than about where they are. Am I reacting or responding? Am I breathing or freaking out? Am I being loving, even when stressed? When faced with a challenge that I am not familiar with, do I educate myself (either through an Internet Search, a book, a course), or do i slog along, repeating old behaviors again and again without any new input to help me move forward more effectively in the future?

This inside-out approach to life can make a huge difference in our stress level, our sense of inner peace, and our happiness. When things on the outside (people’s behaviors, the weather, politics, etc.) determine our inner state of mind, we lose. When our state of mind is the main contributor to creating peace and happiness in our lives, we have a much better chance of achieving that peace and happiness.

Of course, bad things happen. No getting around it. Yet, this inside-out approach gives us a sense of why different people handle their stresses so differently.

Every situation we face gives us the opportunity to ask these same questions.

For families immersed in a loved one’s substance use disorder (SUD), these inside-out questions can lead to a whole new understanding of what a situation demands and what it will take to move forward. The work we are doing together in the BALM® provides an opening to a response based approach. Trigger reactions often become a thing of the past as we learn new ways to live from the inside out.

For coaches and other entrepreneurs, observing how we handle the money part of our business gives us the opportunity to ask similar questions and discover new answers. Living outside in can result in a reactive business, poorly planned and drowning in its owner’s interpretations of why things are so hard and not working. Inside-out business development encourages a business owner to assess their own view of life and of money, and on the basis of transforming those stories, taking the action steps that will give their business the best chance of success. The BALM® Coach Training Program includes a powerful business development component that introduces this inside out approach, along with powerful action steps to move a business forward.

Some business owners can benefit from more. So we are expanding our Transforming Your Money Story class in the course to an entire six hour class (4- 90 minute sessions) that coaches and coach trainees can sign up for this spring (April 16th). Please see Michael Kass’s blog in this week’s newsletter to learn more about the teacher and the class! CLICK HERE for BLOG. To enroll CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile, if you are ready to begin your coach training journey, speak with Jeff Spikes, our Admissions Director, to see which BALM® Coach Training Program is a good fit for you. To have Jeff contact you please CLICK HERE.

Best wishes,