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Do You Make Time to Grow Your Recovery?

BALM | May 23, 2015

So often when people come into the BALM®, they say, “I don’t have time for this. I’m busy!” And they are.

They are busy…..

  • working two jobs to support their using loved one
  • taking care of the children by themselves because their using spouse is not helping
  • driving their loved one around due to a suspended license
  • sending care packages to their loved one in treatment
  • talking to them often and doing their bidding with the treatment center as in (he doesn’t like his roommate, can’t you make the food better, he really wants to leave after 3 weeks, have you taken care of his court appearances yet, etc.)
  • worrying about
    • what will happen if their loved one crashes the car and hurts someone
    • how to get their loved one into treatment
    • how to get their loved one to stay in treatment
    • how to get their loved one to go to halfway or come home and help take care of things instead of halfway
    • how to get their loved one to go back to college
    • how to convince the treatment center that their loved one has every right to choose to leave and they, the family member, are NOT wrong to go along with their loved one’s choices
    • how to find the money for the next thing that will save or fix their loved one
    • how to figure out ways to stop feeling so stressed and upset all the time
  • etc., etc., etc.

Being related to a person who struggles with substances or other addictions can be a full time job!

But tell me, if you had a full time job and were not getting paid, would you stay in it or find a new one?

Einstein once said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”

Worry and caretaking do take up a lot of time and energy. So, what are you getting out of it?

  • Is your loved one getting any better?
  • Are you feeling any better?
  • Is your clarity improving?
  • are the professionals in charge of your loved one’s treatment telling you that you are helping your loved one get well through your behavior?

If you answered no to these questions, maybe it is time to find a new focus for your energy and time.

A teacher of mine writes books. He has written and published well over 30 books and he’s looking forward to the next 30. You may think he is spending all day everyday on these books. No. One hour per day. He is committed to an hour of writing each day and through that, churns out book after book after book.

Imagine if you were to devote One Hour Per Day to your Be A Loving Mirror (BALM®) recovery?

– One hour to listen to a BALM® recording one day.

– One hour to attend a live call another day

– One hour to review the workbook and power point another day

– One hour to talk to a BALM® buddy or attend a group coaching call one day

-One hour to work with a BALM® Coach another day.

How might a commitment like that impact YOUR recovery and affect your relationships with your loved one and other family members?

Peace, calm, empowered and loving conversations that encourage recovery and provide a loved one with the ability to see past their blindside. These are the fruits of your regular participation in the BALM® program.

Imagine if you used your entire year of BALM® to take advantage of this opportunity to BE THERE for yourself AND your loved one in this way!

We are here for you to help you better use your BALM® resources and tools! Come to class, attend groups, read, listen and GROW!!!

This is YOUR year to grow!

Be A Loving Mirror!



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