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Change Your Career to Fit the Times and to Fit You – Become a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

BALM, BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, Family Recovery | June 1, 2020
Education empowers. Be a solution-oriented person rather than a person feeling victimized.

In my junior year of college, I sat with my career counselor to discuss my future plans. With a double major in education and writing, I felt I had options and told her so.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“I want to be a consultant, available to help people with their challenges in their families and in their lives. I will make my own schedule, work out of my home, and have the life I want to live, not bound to an office or someone else’s schedule in order to help or get paid.”

The career counselor laughed, telling me I had years of education, professional experience and life experience ahead of me before I could even consider a consulting career.

But I never lost the dream of being able to help people in my own way on my own time.

Fast forward 30 years…I had been a professional educator and administrator for the bulk of my career, had lived through family addiction, and had lived a life that kept me in a classroom or an office long enough. I was forced to choose between family and work for too many years and wanted to find a new way.

So I finished my last school principalship and took a life coach training program. It was good, but something was missing, so I kept going. Over the years I went through 5 coach training programs, wrote my own Signature Program, and developed my own Life Coach Training Program specializing in Family Recovery, which was the missing ingredient in all of the other programs I attended.

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To be sure I could help others avoid having to wait 30 years before learning how to effectively help families in their own coaching business, I worked hard to make sure our program would include everything that I had found essential:

1. A Signature Family Recovery Program 

    • The Be A Loving Mirror (BALM) Family Recovery Education Program provides an accelerator for life coaching clients that allows them to maximize their time with their coach.
    • Our one year family program is filled with clients referred by therapists, BALM coaches, and treatment centers, all of whom find themselves easily able to help their clients  as a result of family participation in the BALM.
    • Coach trainees master the BALM Family Recovery Program AND become facilitators of the BALM 12 Principles Course, which provides an effective funnel for their coaching practice, along with with a ready made turnkey curriculum our coaches can teach in their own communities or online!

2. High-Level Life Coach Training – Building an ICF-ACTP

(International Coach Federation fully Accredited Coach Training Program) prepares our coaches to coach anyone on any topic and provides exactly the foundation a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach needs for the delicate work of working with a struggling family.

3. The BALM Holistic Model of Family Recovery Developmental Levels

This model of recovery guides our coaches to the best tools, techniques, and methods needed as they learn to reach families where they are at any point in their development and that of their loved ones.

4. BALM Family Recovery LIfe Coach  Course

The final Coaching Course of the program focuses on turning life coaches into Family Recovery Life Coaches who know when to coach and when to guide, when to help and when to step back, when to educate and when to allow a family to experience their process. This culminating course is built on the trainees’ understanding of

    • the BALM Family Program
    • the BALM Holistic Model of Family Recovery Developmental Level
    • ICF Life Coaching
    • the PCC Markers
    • what it takes to help a family move from chaos to sanity and enabling to helping

5. BALM Prosperous Business Development

This eight-week course sets BALM coaches on a path to success, covering everything from how to get clients to how to build a strong prosperous business from soup to nuts. When coach trainees finish this course and the 12 Principles Certification Course, they have the business planning, marketing, and networking know-how to move forward professionally.

These days, people enter our coach training program from a variety careers as well as from college and graduate school and are able to build an effective business on their own terms as early in their lives as they choose to. Benefiting from the lifetime of training and experience of its founder and faculty members, our grads are ready to get out their and help families powerfully.

Had this course been available 43 years ago,  i would have taken it, as it prepares its students to do exactly what took a lifetime of experience to figure out in the past:

    • a full or part-time career
    • out of your home or office
    • designed to help families move from chaos to sanity
    • or to help you help anyone facing life transitions or challenges
    • on your own terms
    • for as many hours, days, weeks, or months of the year as you want to work
    • with modest to high earning potential – depending on your desires, needs, workstyle or clientele.

Are you someone looking to have a career that helps others on your schedule?

Look into the BALM Training institute BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program!

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