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Bring A New Perspective Into Your Relationships!

BALM | July 5, 2017

Our work of Be a Loving Mirror® is a process of letting go of judgment, anger and fear and replacing these with conscious connection to that within us which does not judge, is not afraid, and accepts people as they are without anger or rage.

Letting go of old ways of looking at things is crucial for family members and it must be done to make inner and outer progress in recovering from the family dis-ease of addiction!

What are you holding onto that is holding you back from being loving to those you love?

Take a moment to focus on your inner challenges. Notice the attitude you bring to the focus. If you find yourself judging your own judgment, anger, fear, resentment, breathe through that tendency to judgment. Don’t fight it. Just let it be and see where it goes inside of you.

I found myself earlier today thinking of someone I felt had wronged me long ago. They came to mind because of a message they left me recently. After some deliberation, I responded.

My old reaction would have included sarcasm. Today, I am able to see the evolution of the relationship in a new light.

That doesn’t mean I am obligated to renew the relationship, though I may choose to.

It does mean I have an inner relationship with my Source that empowers me to stop carrying the pain of resentment, anger, and regret.

I have noticed that I am showing up differently in my relationships at home as well.

When I am angry or resentful, I deal with my feelings rather than place blame on others for how I feel.

I have learned that others’ behavior is often more about them than about me. So, I don’t have to take offense at their words or actions. Instead, I can see situations as they are: reflections of the inner worlds of the people involved.

At the same time, I take responsibility for my part in any interaction that is not working and share the facts of what I am seeing when appropriate, following the guidelines laid out in the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror®.

Being loving is an inner journey with an outer manifestation.

Today, I choose to Be A Loving Mirror®.

Where are you in YOUR recovery?

Together, let’s make today a Loving Day!





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