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What? A Personalized BALM Journey? How BFRI is an Idea Whose Time Has Come!

BALM | August 26, 2023

As so many people report being ever busier, the BALM has found a way to simplify the way we help families get targeted help and support on their family recovery journey!

This new approach, known as BFRI (BALM Family Recovery Intensive) includes opportunities for group and one-on-one services and a quicker way to learn all the BALM has to offer.

This six-month program includes two critical extras built in that make all the difference when working to master a new way of living and being in a relationship with a struggling loved one:

        • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions per week
        • 3 group coaching sessions per week.

Plus,  it includes all the ingredients of the BALM one-year program such as:

        • Rotating Live 12 Principle, Deep Dive, and LLB classes weekly
        • Live 12 Principle Interviews weekly
        • Live Seven Steps to BALM classes weekly
        • Live Journaling Workshops weekly
        • 1 live group coaching session per week
        • on-demand meditation classes
        • Full Learning Library of all of the above recorded and available 24 7 on demand

This concierge program, designed to meet the specific needs of its members, is designed to provide coaches who will

        • take each family through the 12 Principles, 7 Steps, and LLB in their coaching sessions guiding them through the key points and helping their clients apply those points to their family’s specific situation
        • provide specific coaching on challenges facing the clients in day-to-day life
        • give guidance on which videos and recordings could possibly help with a client’s specific issues
        • receive ongoing BALM training and supervision as they work with their clients

But how can busy people do all of this? Well, they may not need to. But they certainly will be able to work with their coach to determine which parts are essential and will have the opportunity to have one-on-one guidance on each aspect of the BALM as they go through it over the six-month period.  In this program of encyclopedic scope,  that kind of personal, family-specific guidance and help can only help expedite the family recovery journey for the benefit of the family and loved one!

So, if you are looking for a more personalized way to transform your own recovery journey, call Bev today at 1-888-998-2256 to enroll in the BALM Family Recovery Intensive (BFRI)!