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Bev’s Corner – Finally – A BALM Program for Your Spouse with SUD!

BALM | October 14, 2018

Being married to a spouse with an active or recovered use disorder has its own challenges, some different and some the same as those of a parent whose child has a use disorder. While I developed the BALM originally to help my family and specifically my husband, our relationship and myself, it has become a program used often and perhaps even especially, by parents.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about the challenges of being a parent of a person with a use disorder. So, what about having a spouse who is struggling?

Marriage is a journey that, even when there is no use disorder present, presents its challenges, each unique to the couple in the partnership.

When there is an SUD or other use disorder, the marriage can seem like less of a partnership than a ball and chain to one or both of the partners.

To the person watching their loved one struggle, there can be tremendous suffering and confusion until one finds a program like the BALM to clear the path to sanity and soulful assistance once again.

To the person struggling, until help is found, it can feel like they are being tortured by their spouse as well as by their own disorder.

BALM families report that when the family members get well, a window to a whole new world appears to open up and when the loved one finds recovery, a door flings wide open. Yet, getting help for a loved one  is only a beginning and unless and until the family can grow together, rocky roads may persist for a very long time, even when the loved one stays in and grows their recovery.

BALM wives have been asking for a BALM program for their husbands or wives with the use disorder so they can all speak the same language and be on the same page in their recovery. They also report feeling like their loved one, who says they cannot relate to the 12 step approach presented in so many treatment programs, might be open to the BALM’s embracing approach to the wide variety of recovery paths available including and in addition to the 12 Step Approach of NA or AA.

Now that we have so many BALM coaches in long term 12 step and other recovery, we have seen that this is indeed true. The BALM approach brings together a wide variety of approaches within which many participants can find a path that could work for them.

This coming Thursday evening, we will have class one of the BALM for Loved Ones, a BALM program for individuals with an active or recovered use disorder. In this class, we are welcoming those with alcohol use disorder, sex use disorder, heroin use disorder, food use disorder, other substance use disorders, etc. The common thread for all participants is the approach to finding and living a life in recovery based on one’s own inner compass rather than a prescribed, one size fits all approach.

If you, or someone you love are struggling with a use disorder or you have recovered and would like an opportunity to expand and enhance your own recovery perspective, join us on Thursday for this twelve week course.

To learn more, contact Tracy at tward@familyrecoveryresources.com or 888-998-BALM option 2

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Be A Loving Mirror!