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Being Humbled by My Own Stumbles on the Path

BALM | September 21, 2018

Writing the BALM Program was truly the culmination of many years of intense personal recovery work and self development through 12 steps, therapy, having a coach, coach training, finding my Life Purpose in Recovery™ through the True Purpose® Program, spiritual study, reading of inspiring literature, and deep journaling all along the way.

As the years have gone by since the early days of the BALM® and life has hit in its multivarious ways, my own inner work has been tested and at times I have found myself stumbling and falling on the path.

Years ago, I heard Judi K say the words, “Practice, Practice, Fall, Fall” in a 12 step retreat she was leading and these words have become guides for me and for many of us in the BALM. Life has its ups and its downs.

It’s been said that the better our spiritual program of recovery is, the sooner we will get back up after a fall.

For me, it isn’t always a quick pick up after a fall, but thanks to a BALM community and a family that sees and says what they see in a loving way, I have been fortunate to see my stumbles.

The last six months included a major move, the publication of my book, and lots of traveling to promote it. I have to say that in the midst of it, I lost my way as a patient, loving BALMer and a recovering overeater.

Thanks to my HP who I call God, and the loving people around me, I am back on the path for today.

The humbling of running a company devoted to recovery and not being a role model of spiritual enlightenment is enormous. At the same time, having this company that teaches what I need to get back up and start again is the biggest gift i ever could have asked for.

This month in the Monday Daily BALM, we are looking at Principle Nine of the BALM® 12 Principles: Explore and/or Heal Your Relationship with Spirituality. As i taught the lesson (which BALMers can find in Family Recovery Academy), I realized the old adage “all of your answers are within you.” The very things in the lesson are what I had had been doing for the last few weeks to claw my way back into a sane attitude and spiritual way of life.

These experiences of not being perfect help me comprehend what our many coaches in long term recovery mean when they say the BALM is taking their recovery deeper. Stumbling is indeed humbling and also getting back up on my two feet with my Higher Power and the support of my family, the BALM, and our community empowering me to do so, is giving me a deeper appreciation of life, recovery and the BALM than I had before.

To hear how  we long term BALMers experience this program as a deepening experience join us on the Daily BALM Daytime this coming Monday at 12:00 Noon ET when I will be interviewing BALM Coach Jill Prevas about her BALM spiritual journey. The Daily BALM next Wednesday evening at 9:00 pm ET, Jeff will be interviewing me on my journey.  Lisa McDonald has written a blog (see below) about hers. Perhaps you would like to share your story of BALM recovery? Come on the calls to do so, call Tracy to set up an interview, and/or write a blog for a future publication. We would love to hear from you!

We are all in this together: “practice practice fall fall”. Grateful to be continuing the journey with you!



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