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BALM for Loved Ones – 12 Principles of Recovery

BALM | September 8, 2018

For years families have been asking what we have for their struggling loved ones.

Now we can say we have a class for people with use disorder – whether active or in recovery.

This course is 12 weeks long and each week we cover one of the 12 BALM Principles specifically adapted with the recovering person in mind.

This past Thursday evening, we hosted the first in a series of intro calls about the course.

While the 15 minute recording gives a general overview of the course, the amazing part of the evening began once we turned off the recorder and invited participants to ask their questions about the course and ask any questions they may have about it.

“How can I inspire my loved one to participate?” asked one participant.

“How will I benefit from this course?” asked another.

“How will this help me with a parent who has her own problems?” asked a person considering taking the course.

The answers we provided and the ensuing conversation inspired many of us on the call to begin this BALM journey together.

If the idea of a course on the BALM 12 Principles for Individuals with a Use Disorder intrigues you, CLICK HERE to listen to the intro call and join us for the next call to learn more. We will not record your questions but you will get to ask them.

Keep an eye on the newsletter for information on the next call or email Tracy for more information at tward@familyrecoveryresources.com. If you would like someone to contact you please CLICK HERE.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Best, Bev