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BALM 12 Principles Facilitators Program Cohort Beginning Now!

BALM, BALM 7 Steps Online Retreat | February 10, 2023

When families find out they are always contributing to either recovery or addiction, everything changes.


I noticed that the first time I taught the BALM 12 Principles Course. I was explaining the idea of contribution, which is an overarching theme in the BALM program.


“What do you mean that I am contributing to the addiction?” one mom asked after sharing how she always gives her grown son money when he asks. “I’m just being a loving mom. I have money. He doesn’t. How could I not give.”


This led to a whole conversation about how money is the one thing it’s important NOT to give when you have a loved one struggling with drugs or alcohol, because when you do, chances are that money could be going to hurt them. 


“I would never hurt my son,” the same mom continued. “He’s my whole life. That’s why I can’t say no to him.”


If you have ever worked with families impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder (SUD), words like these are nothing new.


The sense of not being able to say no, of believing that money is a valid love language, even with a person actively dealing with an SUD, these are common attitudes expressed by family members when their loved ones are in treatment. 


Helping families extricate themselves from such thinking takes an enormous amount of work and time – unless of course, you have a curriculum designed to do just that. Enter the BALM 12 Principles Facilitator Specialist, a person trained to deliver the BALM 12 Principles Program and change the lives of entire families in the process!


The 12 Principles Course for Families teaches family members:

  • Why and how to only contribute to recovery
  • How change happens in themselves and a loved one
  • How to let go of obsessive thinking in order to help their loved one
  • How to be their loved one’s best chance at recovery
  • How and why to make self care a priority
  • How to be loving even when the person you are loving is difficult
  • How to set boundaries and use leverage
  • Why getting support is so important
  • How to heal your relationships with Spirit, self, and others
  • How to Be A Loving Mirror.

If you are looking to make a difference in the lives of families facing a loved one’s addiction or your organization is, how about learning how to teach the 12 Principles?

CLICK HERE to learn more so you can bring this powerful course to your community – in person or online – TODAY!