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Bev’s Corner: Are You Using The BALM to Make Family Recovery Your Priority?

BALM | January 12, 2020

Dear Community,

When a loved one is hit with a substance use disorder or other addiction, the trauma for the family is significant.

Yet, there are few treatment possibilities for families to heal from the impact of their loved one’s struggles and fewer still that lay out a vision of hope in the future that can be so vital to help families move forward with courage and love still intact.

The BALM is one of those opportunities. Our one year program provides families with an online lifeline that helps family members get their lives back on track while teaching them how to help their struggling loved ones most effectively.

So many families will spend tens of thousands to directly help their loved one get treatment, forgetting or never knowing that, unless the family gets better too, their loved one’s chance at long term recovery is greatly diminished.

This can be the year for your entire family to live in recovery – starting with you. If you are holding back on the decision to make this solid program, filled with evidence-based practices, your path, you may want to reconsider.

We are here at the end of the phone line, willing to answer your questions and help you get started. This week, we will focus on boundary setting with a new twist. We discourage you from setting a boundary until you are truly ready to do so. Until then, we will prepare you to get the inner strength to be there for you loved one in a way that encourages recovery in each moment.

Your role is crucial in your loved one’s recovery journey!

We invite you to walk the loving path to family recovery with us! Choose the BALM Program this year. Choose to be your loved one’s BEST chance and get started TODAY!

To learn more and enroll, call us at 1-888-998-2256.