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Are You Done Being There for Your Struggling Loved One?

BALM | October 11, 2015

So, what if you no longer want to be involved in their process?


You are always at choice!

No guilt. Sometimes, the most loving thing a family member can do is to disengage.

The BALM® path is not about guilting yourself into only contributing to a loved one’s recovery by sticking with your loved one no matter what! We encourage BALMers to learn how to detach emotionally through the 7 steps so they can be more effective communicators with their struggling relatives.

If that is something you find you cannot or choose not to do, you may simply focus on GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK while disengaging lovingly from your struggling loved one completely. You may use BALM® to learn to do so lovingly. Sometimes, this can have a huge impact as well. Thoughts, words and actions grounded in love go from heart to heart, even when it isn’t obvious at first!

Here is what a BALMer who has decided to disengage might say:

“I see that you are going through a lot. I see that you are not interested in looking at alternatives right now. I see that I am not willing to walk this with you anymore. I love you and look forward to hearing from you when you begin making better decisions in your life.”

Most likely, if you have been addicted to their drama, you will need lots of support to make the break lovingly.

Consider putting those supports into place before making any moves that will jar your life considerably.

And, if you haven’t really given BALM® your all, consider the possibility of learning how to communicate effectively first. We are here for you either way!

Contact Bev to have a complimentary coaching session to talk about how best to support yourself whatever you choose to do going forward. Send your request to info@familyrecoveryresources.com, subject line: complimentary coaching session.


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