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If You Enjoy Working With Families Caught in the Cycle of Addiction, Read On…

BALM | August 25, 2015

Family Recovery Resources is pleased to announce the expansion of the BALM® Institute for Family Recovery Life Coach Training. For those interested in helping the families of struggling loved ones regain control of their lives and be in the best possible mindset to support their loved one in recovery, we now offer a Full Life Coach Training Program including a Fundamentals Life Coach Training component and an Advanced Family Recovery Life Coach Training course.  Our proprietary system for working with families has been developed from years of successfully coaching families in recovery and is supported by evidence-based practices that we have honed into what we call “Be a Loving Mirror” or simply “BALM®.”   

>>>Click here to access the application<<<

 All BALM® coach trainees experience the BALM® as a member of the coaching panel, giving you the opportunity to grow in your capacity to Be a Loving Mirror in your own relationships so that you can more effectively support others in their journey to BALM®.  

Once you have completed our program you will have the  skills and tools that will qualify you to be:

  • Certified Life Coach with the skills to build a business with clients of your choice (whether families of struggling loved ones or not)
  • A Certified BALM® (Be a Loving Mirror) Family Recovery Life Coach, Guide, and Facilitator for family members facing the addiction or recovery of a loved one
  • A person with business building skills designed to help you grow your own Family Recovery Life Coaching business so you can help others and live the lifestyle of your choice.

If you are already a certified life coach, this program will enhance and complement your current knowledge and “coaching toolbox.” If you are not currently a certified coach, there is no more comprehensive program to get you started in a growing market that is currently underserved.

This is NOT a peer support program! It is a Professional Life Coach Training Program with an advanced program accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF)  for 52 CCE’s  and a Fundamentals Life Coach Training Program, in its accrediting year to become fully ICF-accredited as well.

Additionally, Recovery Coaches International offers certification to graduates of our program.   

>>>Application to become a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach<<< 

To begin your journey to becoming a certified life coach with the training and credentials to serve a niche market desperate for your services, simply complete and submit the application and then pay the $100 non-refundable application fee. Once we have received your application and payment, your application will be reviewed for acceptance into the program, and you’ll be notified of your acceptance via email.  

Please note: a limited number of scholarships are available. These scholarships are based on a combination of suitability for life coaching (as determined by your application and your admissions interview), level of commitment, and demonstrated financial need.  If you know you are meant to help families struggling with a loved one’s addiction but are concerned about how you will meet the financial commitment, tick the box indicating you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

We are looking for the people who will help us fulfill our mission of helping ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes,  so do NOT let a need for scholarship hold you back from applying! Once your initial application has been reviewed and approved, we will provide you with a second application for scholarship consideration.   

I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you in a new career helping families grow in their recovery! Together we can make a difference!


Bev Buncher, MA, PCC, MRLC, CTPC
CEO/Director of Education
The BALM® Institute for Family Recovery Life Coach Training
Family Recovery Resources, LLC



BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training Overview 2015-2016

 “With so many young people at risk of overdose, the families need help to turn the tide. This course is helping me make a difference in my community!” BALM® Graduate

Start Dates:

  • Part One: Pre-Requisite Foundations – immediately upon enrollment
  • Part Two: Life Coach Fundamentals – Thursday, September 17, 2015 – August 25, 2016 – day and evening classes available!
  • Part Three: Advanced Niche Training – April 7, 2016 – August 25, 2016
Course Segment Content # of Hours Dates
Part One:

Foundations of BALM Family Recovery Life Coaching


Required Pre-Requisites

Daily BALM®

weekly live calls

plus 100 hours recorded lessons, recovering speakers, family members, demo’s, discussions and expert interviews

total of 80 hours of live and recorded calls required over the course of the program starts upon enrollment


access open throughout enrollment in the BALM Coach Training Course

7 Steps to BALM® 8 weekly classes totaling 12 hours plus 8 hours of buddy calls – can be taken once or multiple times –

20 hours

Classes start multiple times throughout the year
Part Two:

Fundamentals of Life Coaching Training

Being A Life Coach Twelve weekly 2- hour Beginners Coach Training module

24 hours

begins Thursday, September 17, 2015
Life Coaching Skills 2nd set of twelve weekly 2- hour Beginners Coach Training module

24 hours

begins January 7, 2016
Course Segment Content # of Hours Dates
Part Three:

Advanced BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training

Three 8 hour Niche Training modules 12 weeks for a total of 24 hours – 2 hours per session Begins April 7, 2016
The BALM® Approach to Family Recovering Life Coaching weekly 2 hour niche specific coach training – 8 hours total
Advanced Life Coaching Power Tools weekly 2 hour niche specific coach training – 8 hours total
The Trajectory of Family Recovery weekly 2 hour niche specific coach training – 8 hours total

Coaching and Business skill development:

Business Development 2 hour sessions interspersed between the three beginner and  advanced mods – 16 hours total
Student to Student Coaching 48 hours of weekly coaching and 48 hours of being coached weekly throughout the entire course begins the week of September 21st
Mentor Coaching group course Seven 90 minute weekly sessions focusing on coaching using the ICF core competencies – offered semi-monthly multiple times each year Upcoming

projected  dates for this cohort:

January 12-February 23, 2016

2-3;30 PM ET


March 1-April 12

7:30-9 PM ET

Supervised Coaching Practice – Live In-Person Weekend 24 hours total over a 3 day period consists of coaching in triads with feedback from an observing mentor coach Friday, May 20-Sunday May 22, 2016

BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Certification Program Tuition and Fees 

When you think about where you want to study to be a coach, think about what is included and what you will gain as a result of participation.

This course includes:

  • The BALM® Comprehensive (pre-requisite)
    • The Daily BALM® – 1 hour weekly
    • The 7 Steps to BALM® Course – 90 minutes weekly for 8 weeks
    • Opportunity to intern coach families enrolled in the 7 Steps to BALM®
    • Support Calls for the coaches every other week prior to the start of your cohort
    • Including materials for personal growth that you may also use with your clients
    • The fundamentals of addiction, recovery, family recovery
    • Over 120 hours of recorded expert interviews, recovering persons and families, discussions
  • Life Coaching Fundamentals Part One
    • 24 hours of what it means to Be A Coach
    • 1 two hour session weekly
    • Materials to help you delve deeply into this topic
    • Coaching materials to use with clients
  • Life Coaching Fundamentals Part Two
    • 24 hours of Skills and Tools to Help You Build Your Coaching Skillset
    • 1 two hour session weekly
    • Materials to help you delve deeply into this topic
    • Coaching materials to use with clients
  • Student-to-Student Coaching
    • Weekly session of being coached – total 48 hours
    • Weekly session of coaching – total 48 hours
    • Hours count toward ICF certification
    • Powerful opportunity to help you grow as a coach
  • Business Development Course
    • 16 hours of coursework to help you design and develop the business designed to help you make this a powerful career move!
  • Mentor Coaching Course
    • 7 weeks focusing on the ICF Core Competencies
    • Paired Coaching with feedback throughout the course
    • 90 minute sessions
  • 3 hours one-on-one mentor coaching
    • With an ICF Certified Professional Coach (PCC)
    • Powerful feedback to help you hone your coaching skills
    • Countable hours toward your certification
  • Advanced BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training
    • 24 hours to help you integrate the BALM® and your life coach training skills including:
      • Advanced power life coaching skills not included in the fundamentals course
      • Takes your understanding of how to work with families affected by a loved one’s struggles to a deeper level
      • Provides you with skills, tools, and exercises designed to help families recover
      • You will learn how to team with other professionals in the field to maximize family recovery
      • Gain insight into the Trajectory of Family Recovery to increase your usefulness to families
    • In-Person Weekend of Supervised Coaching Practice
      • 3 full days of supervised coaching practice in Sunny Florida the weekend of May 20, 2016
      • During this weekend, you will experience ongoing coaching and being coached in a highly supportive educational environment
      • Meals and hotel not included
    • Digital copies of all texts and manuals

Tuition for Fall Cohort  ……………$6500.00 paid in full (Tuition increases effective October 1, 2015)

(If you are already an ICF certified coach or a graduate of an ICF Accredited Life Coach Training Program, your tuition will be $5500.00 (if you enroll by September 30, 2015). As an advanced student, you may choose to include the fundamentals of life coaching program for no additional charge.)          

To learn more before applying, call our Admissions Coordinator Deborah Drake at 425-802-5521!

 To apply and set up an interview, click on the link below and fill out the attached form

>>Application to become a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach<<<