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Imagine Your World without Relapse

BALM | June 15, 2020

Dear Friends,

Some of you have been with us for many years and others have just begun to explore the BALM. 

Either way, may I share something with you that means so much to me?

The BALM came to me through the process of first finding and then beginning to live my life mission, which I found out was 

to help ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes. 

This became the mission of our company and out of that came our vision:

We imagine a world in which every family has the mindset and skills to help them blaze the trail to recovery in their home and every loved one with a substance use disorder has the opportunity and support they require to help them build a lifetime of recovery one moment at a time. We invite you to imagine your world without relapse.

This idea of imagining a world without relapse came out of the deepest part of me, yet, for many years, I just felt it was too hard to imagine…

Now, seven years later, as we are watching our BALM coaches work tirelessly to take family recovery around the world, home by home, treatment center by treatment center, and community by community, we are becoming aware that the BALM is helping families to bring their loved ones greater and greater capacity to live a life of fewer and fewer recurrences, as they move powerfully toward lifelong recovery.

And so, imagining a world without relapse becomes increasingly less imaginative and more realistic for families working the BALM Family Recovery Program.

I invite you to watch the following clip to catch the dream of a world without relapse with us. And if you feel so inclined, to join us for our upcoming communications as we share with you, how you can become a part of this movement that is taking family recovery by a storm. 

Can you imagine YOUR world without relapse? 

If not, would you like to be able to do so? Join us and let’s make it happen together.