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A BALM Training Institute Testimonial

BALM | March 4, 2019
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By Jeanne Madden, BALM Coach Trainee

I would like to share how grateful I am that I am investing this time in my life learning the tools of the BALM.

I have been through a Lay counseling program at my church, work my recovery journey at a recovery ministry and learning the BALM was the next logical step.

I’m finding that the tools I’m acquiring in effective engagement in coaching, communication with family and self inquiry have absolutely deepened my learning. Being able to coach with my buddy in each class has been invaluable practice of the skills that I am building. The instructors each have their own way of teaching and expressing their giftedness in their area of coaching expertise that makes each class an adventure. I am enjoying my educational journey.

The abundance of information available on the calls, LIVE and recorded is invaluable. The experts share so much good information as it relates to their field and various individuals and families share their stories with courage and vulnerability, ready to encourage those who are listening and learning.

The concept of recovery and coaching make a powerful partnership and this program provides invaluable training that is proven to be effective for families and individuals.


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