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72,000 Opioid Overdose Deaths in 2017 – What Are You Willing to Do to Stem the Tide?

BALM | August 17, 2018

Last year, 72,000 individuals died due to the miserable epidemic of opioid overdoses. Yesterday, Friday, August 17, 2018, families and survivors marched on Purdue Pharma in Massachusetts protesting their role in creating this scourge.

Today or tomorrow they will go home, continue to fight from their towns and cities to convince physicians to stop prescribing opioids to people with minor ailments and surgeries and the government to stop Big Pharma from their role as dope dealers across America and around the world. We are blessed by their commitment to helping all of us and all of our families!

In addition, here is a thought for families with struggling loved ones to ponder:

Perhaps, if your family has a spouse or child or sibling or other loved one currently struggling with a use disorder, your job is to disentangle yourself from your own inner turmoil around their problem, while staying engaged with their struggling loved one in a healthy way. In the BALM community we call this ‘getting your life back’ while learning how to help your loved one do so as well.

The BALM shows families how to let go of the overwhelm and move your family forward. This is what we teach families to do everyday in the BALM. Advocacy is important societally, but until your own family is out of danger from this brain disorder, focus on the inner and outer work it will take to be your loved one’s BEST chance to recover. THAT is the BALM’s message and teaching. You, the family member can be their BEST chance and our program will teach you how to be and do so!

And with numbers this big, we need help helping families! If you are someone who is passionate about solving this epidemic and, upon inner contemplation, find that you can best help by helping one family at a time or groups of families at a time, please consider becoming a BALM Coach.

There are over 20 million individuals suffering today with use disorders in the US alone and each of them has a family feeling desperate about how to help them. If each struggling loved one has only 5 people in their close sphere of influence, that gives us at least 100 million family members and friends in need of our help! And if only 10% of those families are willing to get help, there will be more work than we can handle!

The BALM Program has a viable solution for families that often impacts struggling loved ones in a very positive way. Our dual approach often leads to families coming back together and loved ones getting better everyday as our well-trained coaches along with our powerful and comprehensive BALM Family Recovery Curriculum pave the way for tremendous growth and positive outcomes. We do NOT guarantee a loved one’s recovery. We guarantee that family members who practice the BALM will be their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery – rather than so tied up in knots that they cannot function and are often more harmful than helpful to the process.

Seeing a number like 72,000 dead can be overwhelming. It is overwhelming.

So, what can we do about it?

One person at a time, one family at a time, we can become BALMer’s in our own homes and BALM Coaches helping first our own families and then the families we work with blaze the trail to recovery in our and their homes.

This is a powerful program in need of dedicated people willing to become well trained and then use that training to make a tremendous difference in the world of recovery one family member at a time.

Is this resonating with you? Pick up the phone to learn more about our BALM Coach Training Programs at 1888-998-BALM (2256) option 2 or click here Now!

If you are a family member in need click here.

To see the protest at Purdue Pharma, click here.