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Are you giving your loved one the space to decide to change their life?

BALM | March 28, 2015

Recently, a son stopped taking his father’s calls. When the father asked why, he said, “All you ever do is lecture me. I can’t take it. So I don’t pick up the phone.”


That son could be anyone’s son or daughter.

Lectures don’t work on anyone, especially on people struggling with substances.

Instead, try the BALM®.

A simple, planned conversation that shares fact in a very specific, non-judgmental way.

People hear each other better without the judgment, without the tone, without the opinions.

“Just the facts, ma’am!”

When we share the facts, lovingly, we give our loved one the space to draw their own conclusions.

When we ask open ended questions curiously, without suspicion or a hidden agenda, we give them the respect they need to go deeper into their own understanding.

Principle Two explores how ‘Change Happens in Stages’.

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