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And Why is Support So Important?

BALM | May 7, 2023

If you have ever gotten tired of hearing people say it is important to get support on the recovery journey, this one is for you!


When I first wrote the BALM, I thought I would put it first because, without it, recovery and family recovery are very difficult to achieve. 

But I soon saw that many families apply the good old fashioned “I’ll do it myself” philosophy to family recovery just as their loved one does with individual recovery. 

The funny thing though is that even though the family members see how unlikely it is for their loved one to stay in recovery without help, they still think that they, the family members, the “well” ones, CAN go it alone.

So, in the end, I made the “Getting support will greatly enhance your recovery” principle #8 so that families could see how difficult this journey truly can be.

Whether or not your loved one gets well FAST or struggles with relapse after relapse, chances are YOU NEED HELP, too.


Because the trauma of watching someone you love deteriorate before your eyes is more than most people can easily recover from alone. 

So in BALM Principle 8, we provide you with a large variety of support options both in the BALM and throughout the recovery world so that you can find the best fit for you.

Additionally, the BALM itself provides weekly journaling groups, weekly coaching groups, and the opportunity to hire your own BALM coach!

As you can see, we value support and feel confident that once you start availing yourself of the support we and others offer, you will too!

Will getting support enhance your recovery journey? Greatly. Consistently. Tremendously. 

Need some?

Give us a call at 1-888-998-2256 and let us help you find the support you need for your family recovery journey.