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What the Loving BALM Path Involves

BALM | February 1, 2018

What does this Be A Loving Mirror path involve?

 To Be A Loving Mirror(R) involves:

  • Getting oneself in a calm place
  • Dropping all judgments, anger, and resentment
  • Being a reporter and observer – stick with the facts of what happened
  • Sharing what one sees objectively, lovingly, and calmly
  • Always treating the struggling loved one with dignity and respect
  • Regardless of their response or reaction, letting it go and going on with one’s life
  • Beginning to understand, absorb and apply the BALM(R) 12 Principles and 7 Steps of Family Recovery

To become a Certified BALM Coach is to take your education seriously and treat yourself as a professional. To become a Certified ICF Coach after completing our program is to see the value in the profession itself and to take your place as a leader in the Family Recovery Life Coaching field.

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