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Want to Find Your Purpose? – Part One of a Three Part Blog Series

BALM, Life Purpose in Recovery, upcoming life purpose in recovery course | February 20, 2017

Some of us spend a very long time wondering things like,

“Why am i here?”

“What contribution am i meant to make?”

“What am I supposed to really be doing with my life?”

Others, simply live, without worry that what they are doing may not be their actual purpose in life.

This post is written for the people who do wonder, who want to know their purpose.

I was one of those people. I had this gnawing feeling over my many years as a K-12 teacher and then principal, that I was in the wrong career, not doing what I was meant to do. I knew i was making a difference in the lives of children, just not the difference I was meant to make…But, since I had no idea what that difference was, I just kept on contributing in the way I had been trained to the students and faculty I was employed to work with.

Once i left that career, I became a Life Coach. But even then, I was not sure if I was living in my purpose…In fact, my gnawing feeling that there was more I was meant to be and do persisted as I worked to find my coaching niche.

Educators told me i was definitely meant to be an Education Coach…But that just didn’t fit with the view I had of how I would develop my new career…The problem was, I had no idea what did fit. I was lost.

About six months into my coach training, I heard about a course designed to help people find their purpose. Since finding and living my purpose was a constant desire of mine, I jumped at the chance to take the course.

As a result of taking the course, i found out exactly what I was meant to do with my life and promptly began to pursue it!

If you find this tale intriguing, I invite you to come back to read part two of this 3 part blog series, “How I Found My Purpose.”

Finding my purpose changed my life, provided me with a path of purposeful contribution, and continues to guide me to greater fulfillment year in and year out. If you already know you would like to have a conversation about how you might find yours, feel free to text me, Bev Buncher, Certified True Purpose Coach, at 786 859 4050 or email me at bbuncher@familyrecoveryresources.com, and let’s find a time to talk further. Otherwise, join us for part two of this blog!


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