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The Quiet Path of Growth

BALM, BALM 7 Steps Online Retreat | January 24, 2023

The Quiet Path of Growth

One of the things that people report as they grow in their BALM recovery, is that they keep coming back again and again to the basics and finding themselves seeing old ideas in new ways.

When a family is caught in the chaos, ‘letting go’ means something different than it does when inner quiet has entered the picture.

At first, it is about letting go of inner turmoil and control as it relates to a struggling loved one. Over time, it may evolve to letting go of other people’s hurtful comments or letting go of expectations of how an event or relationship ‘should be.’ This transformation is an ongoing process BALMers
experience by continually practicing the tools of the program.

In the chaos, ‘Focus on the Task at Hand’ can help a family member focus on the present moment rather than the fears, resentments, or chaos of their loved one’s use. Later, it could simply become a mindfulness practice to bring the person back to the present moment when any upsetting person,
place, or situation seems to get a hold at the level of thought.

In the chaos, 4-4-8 is often the practice of choice to begin to lower the inner temperature on a regular basis so it can become the default method of breathing to turn to when a family member’s reaction to a loved one’s behaviors starts to turn into flooding. As time goes on and peace is returning to the family, it is a great maintenance tool as well as a way to return to peace when something or someone’s behaviors appear to threaten that peace.

Learning, practicing, and revisiting the BALM teachings in the 12 Principles and 7 Steps provides many concrete benefits to families and their loved ones.

What are the BALM tools you use(d) in early recovery? How do you use them today? Which tools might you like to add to your toolbox to help you Be the Peace You Wish to See in the World?

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