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The Fruits of BALMing

BALM | March 19, 2019
The word recovery on a wooden table with scrabble letters

While the BALM makes no guarantee that our loved ones will get into recovery as a result of our walking the loving path  to family recovery, we often hear heartwarming stories from parents and spouses about their loved one’s growth and successes along their life paths.

Now that the BALM has been around for  9 or 10 years,  we are seeing many smiling faces on FaceBook and hearing stories of once young and wild young people and spouses settling down and maturing into lives of adult responsibility and sane recovery.

This week, one of those wonderful BALM kids, now fully grown, will share her story of recovery. Rachel appeared on the Daily BALM 2 years ago with her mom and this time will come on by herself to talk about life with four years in recovery as a university student recently accepted into Nursing school.

Join us this Wednesday evening (March 20th) as we hear of her spiritual journey during this week’s discussion of BALM Principle 9: “Explore and/or heal your relationship with spirituality.”

And clear your calendars for next week, too, (Wednesday, March 27th), when Motivational Speaker, Mike Panus joins us with a special message for young people during the upcoming holiday, prom and graduation season. As a young Marine still in college, Mike and a friend were out partying, and his decisions  that night forever changed the trajectory of his life and ended that of his friend..Plan to invite any young people you know who could use an extra dose of caution in their driving this spring and summer.

Also, watch this newsletter and your email for upcoming announcements of our first BALM Intensive Retreat part one: Transformational Solutions for Addiction. Scheduled for the weekend of June 7-9, 2019, this weekend immersion into BALM  will count as pre-requisite hours for BALM certificate programs and is open to families as well. The weekend promises to provide powerful Information, Transformation, and Support, community spirit, and the opportunity to ‘just Be’ at the end of a busy week. For more information or to register, give Alan a call at 1888-998-BALM option 3 or email him at alan@familyrecoveryresources.com.

Looking forward to seeing you at these upcoming events and if you plan to be at the upcoming All Texas ICF Conference next week, come visit our table to learn more about everything BALM!




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